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Daily Archive for January 31st, 2014

A Review of OpenStreetMap Research

User-generated content (UGC) platforms on the Internet have experienced a steep increase in data contributions in recent years. The ubiquitous usage of location-enabled devices, such as smartphones, allows contributors to share their geographic information on a number of selected online portals. The collected information is oftentimes referred to as volunteered geographic information (VGI). One of [...]

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was the titel of a well-attended invited talk at the Geodetic Colloquium in January at the KIT Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology, Geodetic Institute by Prof. Alexander Zipf. It presented some examples of our work on OSM quality assessment such as iOSManalyser, OSMatrix, but also research on transforming OpenStreetMap into 3D.

e.g. Barron, C., Neis, [...]

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