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Editors: R Westerholt , F-B Mocnik, A Comber, C Davies, D Burghardt, and A Zipf

A place for place – modelling and analysing platial representations

Places are understood as locations and areas to which anthropogenic meaning is ascribed. As such, places have been [...]

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GSIS Special Issue: Crowdsourcing for Urban Geoinformatics.
Geo-Spatial Information Science (GSIS), Volume 23, Issue 3. Taylor & Francis.
Guest Editors:
Hongchao Fan, Rene Westerholt, João Porto de Albuquerque, Bernd Resch and Alexander Zipf

Do people communicate about their whereabouts? Investigating the relation between user-generated text messages and Foursquare check-in places

Ming Li, Rene Westerholt & Alexander Zipf

Pages: 159-172

Abstract|Full Text|References|PDF (2905 KB)

Description and [...]

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The organizers are happy to announce that list of accepted papers at the VGI ALIVE workshop are available. Therefore a prelimnary draft agenda of the workshop at AGILE 2018 in Lund has been posted. Looks like an interesting and promising programme!
Stay tuned for further updates and join us for discussions and collaborative sessions in [...]

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Since the launch of the MapSwipe Analytics webpage three month ago we were able to improve our service and offer more detailed information on each project in MapSwipe. MapSwipe is a mobile App for crowdsourcing geographic information needed by humanitarian organisations like Red Cross and Doctors without Borders (MSF) introduced earlier. In particular the data can be used for priorizing areas [...]

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VGI-Analytics 2017 is the 4th workshop in a series of AGILE pre-conference workshops
Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media data have become part of our everyday lives over the past few years. Whereas in the early beginnings of crowd-sourced data the collection occurred primarily to isolated, individual platforms, contribution patterns are now beginning to be more [...]

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cfp: VGI-Analytics 2017
Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI): Integration, ANALYsis, applICationS
Tuesday, 9th May 2017, Wageningen University, The Netherlands at AGILE 2017

VGI-Analytics 2017 is the [...]

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The LiDAR Research Group (LRG) of GIScience Heidelberg is contributing novel approaches for geological outcrop characterization, LiDAR simulation, tree classification as well as education in close-range sensing. You are kindly invited to visit our presentations at the ISPRS Congress 2016 in Prague. Furthermore our new HELIOS LiDAR Simulator will participate in the [...]

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