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New OpenRouteService QGIS Plugin

Finally there is a new version of the QGIS plugin for OpenRouteService: ORS Tools. It gives easy access to our directions, isochrone and matrix API’s from within QGIS.
The old plugin OSM Tools plugin has been deprecated due to its name being too generic. However, the name is not the only thing that changed:

Create routes from [...]

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OpenRouteService in QGIS - Plugin

Together with the help of our friends from Geolicious OSM routing with our OpenRouteService now has been made available within Quantum GIS.
The “OSM Route” plugin is published in the offical QGIS repository and can be simply installed via the QGIS plugin manager (please enable experimental plugins within QGIS, see screenshot below, then search for OSM [...]

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OpenMapSurfer maps in QGIS

Using the free and open soruce gis QGIS in work or research, sometimes you might need to visualize spatial data on top of a basemap that is provided through different web interfaces such as WMS, WMTS or TMS service. Generally, this can be accomplished by using either WMS drivers or OpenLayers plugin. Both solutions [...]

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