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In contrast to photo-based VGI (e.g. Flickr) the correlation between the place where an information has been created and what the information is about is less intuitive for text-based VGI. In order to gain more insight into the relationship between text information generated in mobile contexts (e.g. via smartphones) and their recorded location, research has [...]

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How can we explore geographical relations between social media and authoritative data to enhance information extraction for disaster management?
How can collaborative maps of OpenStreetMap be used for supporting risk analysis and emergency planing?

These two questions were explored recently by researchers of the GIScience group working on the use of Volunteered Geographic Information [...]

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CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2014

The ‘CrowdAnalyser Workshop 2014‘ successfully took place on Thursday, 08th of May and Friday, 09th of May. Organised by the PhD students of the research training group ‘CrowdAnalyser‘, the event was well attended. On Thursday, a lecture room in Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing was crowded with 45 interested participants of the presentation and discussion [...]

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