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The future of OpenMapSurfers tiles

OpenMapSurfer is the name of a web tile service based on OpenStreetMap data developed by Maxim Rylov and hosted by the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology. The map style is a general purpose “basemap” layer featuring some unique properties, such as high cartographic quality label placement, see floor bathymetry, and a pleasant warm color scheme.

OpenMapSurfer [...]

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The Klimaschutzkarte Deutschland (Climate Protection Map Germany, www.Klimaschutzkarte.de) makes it easy to retrieve relevant information on the topics of energy and sustainability and to locate them in geographic space. The Climate Protection Map of Germany uses the possibilities of web technologies and is based on user-contributed data from OpenStreetMap to allow interested citizens to find out [...]

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OpenMapSurfer maps in QGIS

Using the free and open soruce gis QGIS in work or research, sometimes you might need to visualize spatial data on top of a basemap that is provided through different web interfaces such as WMS, WMTS or TMS service. Generally, this can be accomplished by using either WMS drivers or OpenLayers plugin. Both solutions [...]

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